This turkey is for decorating, not eating! 


Unique to this string art piece: the wood board is not one solid board, it's 3 boards screwed together. Gives it a nice rustic look!


This DIY KIT includes EVERYTHING you need to make this beautiful 6-color Turkey string art except for a hammer and a pair of scissors. 

- One approx 3/4" x 10 1/2" x 12" wood board surface (composed of 3 boards screwed together):

  • sanded
  • stained 
  • holes pre-drilled and ready for the nails to be tapped in by YOU


- All the nails you need plus a few extra
- 6 colors of thread (vibrant orange, maroon, tan, brown, white and yellow)
- Instruction sheet


Please let me know whether you would like a light stain (Minwax Golden Oak like the board in my picture) or dark stain (Minwax Jacobean) on your board. Both wood stains can be viewed here:


Please note, this listing is for a DIY Kit. The photos are of the completed piece, which you will achieve after you do the fun stuff! ;) 


Thank you!


Shipping is additional.





Turkey String Art

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