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Adventures in Furniture Refinishing - Part Two


This is what I started with - a stained dresser with gold knobs. Nice lines, but, in its current state, not the prettiest. It was buried in our walk-in closet collecting junk. The bottom two drawers stuck so badly that you had to use force to open them. So that's where I hid Christmas and birthday presents - the kids had no chance at opening those drawers and sneaking a peek.

I decided that I could refinish it put it to better use somewhere else in the house. Say for example, to replace the TV stand in the living room that I have disliked since the day we first got it over 15 years ago! Not sure why it took me so long to think of doing this. Here are my inspiration pictures. The first dresser helped me decide on colors and the second dresser on style.

Love the colors.

To get started, first, I removed those bottom two drawers - they were not in my new plan. Then I stripped the stain and finish off the dresser using CitriStrip Gel. This is what it looked like:

Stain stripped.

Next, I painted the drawer fronts and the sides and skeleton of the dresser General Finishes Coastal Blue Milk Paint. It took two coats. I learned later that I needed to paint the interior of the dresser, too. I did that step later.

Dresser skeleton and sides painted.

I painted the top in General Finishes Java Gel Stain. Again, two coats.

Top being stained.

Top is stained

I needed to make shelves for the bottom two drawers. I should have kept better notes on this step, but basically I bought some finish grade wood from Menards, measured the inside of the drawers and cut the wood slabs to size. I stained them Java. I added a Polycrylic protective finish to the entire dresser - one coat.

Drawer hardware went on next. I selected GlideRite hardware 1 1/8" diameter oil rubbed bronze round hammered cabinet knobs for the drawers and Arts & Crafts keyhole cover in oil-rubbed bronze from House of Antique Hardware. I also drilled holes for cables to run out in the back of the dresser - 2 on each shelf.

Hardware is on.

All that was left was to bring it upstairs to its new home in the living room. It's beautiful!

Finally assembled!

New job as entertainment center!

It took me about a month to complete this project. A lot of the work was in fits and starts while I waited for the stain or paint to dry overnight. I let the entire thing dry for about a week before I hauled it upstairs.

This dresser is an improvement that I'm proud to say that I made for our house that I love looking at every day.

Becky :)


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