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Adventures in Furniture Refinishing - Part One

I gave new life to two old pieces of furniture that were not being used to their full potential in my house. One was a discolored, old, side table and the other an old dresser with sticky drawers. This Part One is about the old side table.

I refinished the side table in September 2018. My plan was to restain the table top and paint the legs and underside. Using Citristrip stripping gel, I removed the old stain on the top of the table. I worked in the garage over a tarp to collect all the scum and yuck that comes off when you scrape the piece. It works really well.

Stripping gel at work

Then I wiped it up with mineral spirits to get any residue off. Here's what the table looked like at this point. No more aged stain.

The stain is stripped

Next came sanding and a final wipe with a tack cloth to remove dust before I stained the top. I love how stripping the old stain revealed this cool wood pattern on the table top. Totally unexpected.

I moved into the kitchen to paint the underside of the table. It was just more convenient to have the table on a higher surface.

Flipped over and waiting for painting

On went two coats of gray latex paint. I replaced the hardware with a new cup cabinet pull. Voila it's done and in place! I love it.

Finished piece

A few months later I took on a bigger project - the old dresser with sticky drawers - and that will be the subject of Part Two.

Best regards,

Becky :)


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