Custom Requests

Oftentimes friends and customers come to me with requests for something not in my shop but for something they want made. I work with clients - back and forth - to make it happen to their liking.

On occasion, as for the Wisconsin string art and the wood blocks that spell Shalom, the client wants an in-home party to be the result of the custom request. The Wisconsin string art and Shalom wood blocks were two such requests. I'm happy to work with clients on dates and pricing to make the party a success!

Most times though, the client asks me to make something I've never done before! This is where it gets really fun. :)  I'm always happy to give a new project a try! 

  • A client saw some adorable cake toppers on Facebook and asked if I could make something similar for her son's birthday party, but with ninjas. It took a little figuring out, like every new project does, but I'm very pleased with the result. She later asked me to make one for her other son, the firetruck cake topper, and her daughter, the unicorn cake topper.

  • It started with a granddaughter who loves owls and a grandmother who wanted a DIY kit for her granddaughter. I did a ton of research to find a craft that I could put together for this little girl to make and came up with the DIY Owl Kit. 

  • An empty spot on the wall of a bathroom needed a custom piece of art to fill it. Thus my client requested the felt flower Love board. I went to her home to measure the space and check on the colors of her paint, decorations and wood stain. The felt flower board was the result and it looks gorgeous in the space!

  • The 3 Mason Jar Wooden Tray Centerpiece with Hydrangeas was the result of a request for something "Spring-like." I researched online and came up with this craft and the client went for it!

  • The 3-hour learn to sew class has been developed with my lovely 12-year-old niece. She asked me to teach her to sew and we've been getting together for lessons. In the first class we make a cute drawstring bag. I love spending the time with my niece!

  • The key and wallet organizer was the client's idea. She needed an organization system for her husband's and two son's wallets and keys. I sent her a few pictures of ideas and this is the one she picked although I finessed it a little to make it more elegant. I hope it does the trick for her family!

  • The motorcycle helmet holder also was totally the client's idea. She sent me a message on Facebook with a picture asking if I could make it. Sure can! It took some figuring out how to make the pipes look aged, but I got it. I think it's really cool. It's a Father's Day present for her husband. Awww. I'm so excited to be part of someone's celebration. 

  • I'm especially happy with the MHS Baseball photo holder for Casey. He's the son of a friend of mine. She came to me with this idea for a photo holder for high schoolers on clubs or teams and we worked together to create the final product. 

  • I made three newborn pumpkin hats for neighbors of mine. I saw a request on the Nextdoor app for someone who can crochet to make a pumpkin hat for a neighbor's grandson. I volunteered. What started as one request turned into requests from 3 people! I found a pattern, tested it and made all the hats in about 24 hours!

  • The crochet unicorn hat was a friend's idea. She sent me a photo asking if I could make it, and I said yes! 

Contact me with your custom request and let's make something special!

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