I will come to you for your very own on-site crafting party! 

Kids' birthdays, girl and boy scout troop meetings, wedding and baby showers, ladies' get-togethers, adult parties, corporate parties, or whatever reason you have to celebrate! No matter the theme, I can help you design a custom craft workshop to remember.  I am happy to tailor projects to your special occasion and budget.

All materials, equipment and on-site assistance are provided for a stress-free craft party. I will bring the materials and give you easy to follow instructions, resulting in really great crafts that are personalized to your tastes. The crafts are designed to take approx 1-3 hours to complete.


Each party has a base price of $75. This includes:

  • Pre-party prep

  • Travel (limited to the Madison, WI and suburbs area)

  • Craft set up, completion and clean up with 1 craft instructor 

Parties typically are priced with a "cost per project" system.  Set up your party with me, and invite as many friends as you'd like. Each guest pays for the cost of their piece at the party. Or, if you would like to cover the cost of the pieces, as for a child's birthday party, that is an option, too.

Are you ready to party? Please contact me for more information.

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